Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clowns of the global circus

We are the real Muslims of all, we are the wisest, we have the extreme understandings, we are the strongest of all, we are the right followers, our boycotts mean a lot to the world and our opinions matter may be we are the world. I know I sound crazy but that is what we depict, certainly the reality is other way around. We are the biggest human reactors of the world, what so ever seems happening against the Muslim world; we take it as our prime duty and task to get it down.

In any nuclear reactor, Uranium is a radioactive element that occurs naturally in low concentrations inside the ground whereas, inside this Pakistan reactor, the mullahs are Uranium, which are hyperactive elements those occur politically in very high concentrations outside every where on the ground. I wonder if their ‘Go America Go’ slogan is in fact ‘lets GO AMERICA GO’.

We are a nuclear power country with no electricity, and gas. We are agriculture and livestock based country with no wheat, no sugar and no pure milk. Our national sport is political talk shows, and extra curricular activity is inter and intra-sect bashings and killings and bombing ourselves. We broadcast marathon transmissions of British and American elections. We praise each other on obama’s win. We are the odd job labor providers of the world; and we beg all the time yet we imagine if we can make our own decisions and our likings disliking really matter. Are we insane or have a good sense of humor. Our stories suggest we are the beggars, yet we think we can be the choosers.

14th April 2006 cartoon of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) published, we burnt the entire country and now on 20th May2010 “Draw Muhammad contest” when the entire Muslim world has ignored it, we banned face book, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr and some other sites till 30th of May2010, revenging our own selves dreaming to damage them. Can this ban for 10days damage the people doing propagandas. What is the point in deactivating and then reactivating our face book accounts back on? There are 400 million active face book users around the world and around 1.8 million in Pakistan with almost no advertisement; do u still believe you could make a difference. With no economy of your own, no developments in science and technology, no innovation at all, you still think you count?

Let me put up an easy example as to where do we stand in the world, when we settle in friends or any company for chat, people among ones group with least or no intellect are hardly heard or taken seriously. You never tell them they are idiots but rest express through passing smiles among them selves, the idiot wouldn’t notice and keep on trying to make his point. Our image is no different in the world. Just imagine an insane kid can start a stupid page on face book and make 16 crore people screaming and jumping on the streets, shutting down their global connectivity, burning tyres, and protesting nation widely, I find that kid stronger than Obama.

Can’t we learn from past experiences if these kinds of aggressive responses ever helped us getting rid of the unfortunate situations or we publicized it even further just helping them achieve their targets and laughing at us? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the biggest bearer of all blasphemies against the lord Almighty and himself, he even faced physical attacks, but did he ever respond this way? Had he responded to the current situation similarly? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but in our case we have only reactions in fact extreme and adverse reactions and in the opposite directions with no actions at all. If we really love our beloved prophet (PBUH) so much that we can put ourselves on fire and kill ourselves before learning any ridiculous cartoons against him, then what stops us from following his absolute teachings and sunnah. There are plenty of obscenity on the internet, but do they insist us to download it, we only do it if we want to. There are blasphemous content, we see and yell, but who asks us to see it in the first place. Can’t we avoid it similarly?

Look at the difference between ours and Muslim world’s response to the blasphemous cartoons in the past and current contest thing. During 2006 cartooning Libya closed its embassy in Denmark and the Egyptian parliament demanded that its Government follow suit. The Kuwaiti and Jordanian governments called for explanations from their Danish ambassadors. President Lahoud of Lebanon condemned the cartoons, saying his country “cannot accept any insult to any religion”. The Justice Minister of the United Arab Emirates said: “This is cultural terrorism, not freedom of expression.” In Gaza, gunmen briefly occupied the EU office in Gaza and warned Danes and Norwegians to stay away. Palestinians in the West Bank burnt Danish flags. The Islamic groups Hamas and Hezbollah and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood demanded an apology. Libya joined Saudi Arabia in withdrawing its ambassador from Copenhagen. But in Pakistan, we put Lahore on fire including our historic buildings, looted the bazaars, burnt common man’s vehicles and bombed Danish embassy in Islamabad. Eventually, they had to stop especially when the Muslim world boycotted their products, although we were still importing them.

This time some stupid out of a crowd initiated the issue displaying his insanity; fairly, entire Muslim world preferred ignoring it except us. Just imagine some insane kid got 16crore people flared up, banning the useful and knowledge based websites, causing their own loss. My God, did you see the powers of that kid?

We are lethally superstitious and confused crowd with hardly any beliefs and destinations at all. We still have worst mythologies than that of the Greeks, we are Hellenismos. We can easily get our text messages forwarded to the entire country by just concluding the body of the message with “if you don’t forward you will have a bad luck tomorrow”.

A text message being extensively circulated states:

“The person who drew Mohammad (PBUH) got burnt to ashes with an electric shock; Denmark government is quiet and hiding the news to cover their shame, please forward this message to prove the glory of Mohammad subhanAllah”

Let me give you another one I received just when I settled down to write this blog; it says:

“Film 786 is a movie made in Holland, in which they have disgraced our prophet (PBUH). Billions of Muslims around the world can jointly destroy Holland’s economy. Please forward this message within next five minutes or you should die soon and stand sinner on the doomsday” and I received it from a very educated friend of mine.

Read another one:

“RED ALERT! Forward as you receive. Americans have printed the name of our beloved prophet (SAW) on a footpath in some state and millions of non-muslims step over it daily (Naauzobillah). Please spread this message so 16 crore muslims should become an enemy to America”.

Is this our Islam?

During my last two radio shows, I tried raising the current issue and asked for people’s opinions if banning the internet sites or restricting it is going to make any difference? Should we be so responsive to this current situation unlike rest of the Muslim world? 50% said ‘yes’, 25% said ‘No’, and rest 25% warned me for this blasphemous act of even raising this issue for a discussion and some even started hating me already. Some said they don’t know much about it but they want to shut every thing down just like that.

When asked the same question to Hassan Nisar on my show, a famous columnist and writer. Hassan Nisar expressed his disappointment on people’s way to react, Later on; he was also condemned and opposed by the following callers. Most People showed their hatred against the internet, and demanded that the internet must be banned across the country and of course those all were ones who don’t use it, ah! What an ignorant. We are not even ready to listen or think but to react haphazardly, a biggest example of a wild off course. I see the world enjoying us, we are the biggest entertainers.

Remember evil is born parallel to the good it self. These bashings have always been there, so much crazy data that one can not even imagine is there on the internet ever since, then why NOW? The most growing religions always pay price, and its followers must become evenly responsible, provided they realize. It is just about the world getting closer and closer through the internet, getting eye to eye, as we get closer we hear them clearer. The criticisms might have never been lesser but, the difference is that now we get to know it all. There are so many chat rooms, you see people abusing each others religions, even the sects within their own religions. I knew it you knew it; people knew it, then why NOW! May be we don’t deserve awareness.

Nevertheless, “draw Mohammad day” may be a popularity stunt by the face book, you never know and congratulations to you all, they succeeded remarkably.


  1. “The greatest blasphemy of all is a child going hungry, a child condemned to the slow death of starvation. The miscarriage of justice is blasphemy. Misgovernment is blasphemy. An unconscionable gap between rich and poor is blasphemy. Denial of treatment to the sick, denial of education to the child, are alike examples of blasphemy.” – Mr Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan (Muhammad Mahboob vs The State (PLD 2002 Lahore 587))

    so we dont have any hungry children in pakistan. Also we dont have any child not going to school. We dont have any poverty. and we dont have any jamshed dasti. The only thing remain for blasphemy was facebook but now thanks to our pious govt. pakistan is totally cleansed of all the vice.

    Abu jahal and abu lahab and all the big kafirs spoke arabic, they wore the same dress as muslims, they ate and drank the same food and water, they even rode the same animals and walked the same paths and yet muslims did not boycot any of these things just because of kafirs. but in the 21st century we will boycott each and everything which is used by kafirs. even if it makes us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world...

  2. Mr. Faizan like every common man of this country you did the same thing which is criticism on each and every action of nation. Our nation is divided into many groups all are criticizing on others but no one gave solution. I believe every problem has solution so try find out that solution. I believe that no one has right to criticize on any sort of problem or reaction until he/she doesn’t have solution........... criticism only degrades our nation...what we are doing is no doubt a wrong way but give the proper way instead of criticizing....this is defiantly another way of exploiting the image of our nation ...........if a man called Quid-e-Azam gave the solution onto which millions of people did agree...............so it is not impossible to give such solution onto which people belonging to every group of thinking will be agreed.


  3. I believe one needs to take a closer look at your article Faizan to understand that this critique in itself is a solution to some of our problems.

    We as a nation has become obsessed with over the surface issues. Another trait that is increasing with each day is impatience and pessimism. Everyone needs to look inward and develop a sense, confidence to hear what others are saying and then come up with a resolute and sane answer.

    No matter what the odds are or whether the whole world is conspiring against us, we can still succeed if we do not give them the space or kill ourselves.

    We are the ones who are against ourselves and have lost the nationalism that is the core ingredient in defining a nation.

    But still there is hope as long as there is life.

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